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Calming for Cats Duo Pack

A Calming Combination designed to help support worry or stress in your Cat.

Our Relaxing Moments Soft Chews can be given daily either with food or as a treat and our Calming Room Spray can be used in conjunction with the Soft Chews to provide extra support on a daily basis or just when needed.

This great duo pack contains:

Relaxing Moments Calm Spray for Cats 236ml
When should I use Calming Room Spray?
In situations you expect your cat to feel anxious or distressed, such as:
• Separation
• Travel
• Fireworks
• Meeting New Pets
• Visiting Groomers
• Visiting Vets

How does it work?
BN Calming Room Spray is a special blend of fragrance extracts to simulate feline
pheromones and help provide a feeling of reassurance.

How do I use it and where?
Spray the transit or holding area (car, cat crate or pet bed etc.) 5 mins before entering. The effects can be expected to last for up to 8 hours.

Relaxing Moments for Cats Wheat Free
60 soft chews
Complementary pet food for cats

Recommended for Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Travel, Grooming, Moving House, Separation Issues and any other situations that may cause worry.


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