Get Cat Crazy First Newsletter

I am delighted to write my first newsletter which is to let you know more about Getcatcrazy, some of you have followed me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, when I was about to launch the company. The web design company that was developing the site would not do the final changes required to provide a much-needed service resulting in the site taking longer to get together.

What is most Important to GetCatCrazy is supporting good people and in working in with those that have a passion for cats wanting the best, this has been interesting over Christmas and the start of this year, I had excellent quality conversations with suppliers and people interested in cats, it has turned out there is a lot of good organisations and cat products for cat lovers and the focus is on cats.

Therefore, the site is launching after much effort and long hours meaning we can now focus on giving real value to visitors to this site, keeping you informed in all areas of a cat’s life and health. Bringing the latest in cat’s articles and news around the world.

I am looking forward to putting my energy into getting the word out their and develop the range, information and get your questions answered.

Being the site is new and this is an exciting time for cats, I look forward to hearing from you and developing this further.

We aim to support you, so you can make intelligent decisions and have the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your cat or kitten.

Of course, we want people to get the best value for their money this is the reason we reward our customers and trust you will enjoy very much being part of GetCatCrazy.