Getcatcrazy Newsletter Covid 19

Since cat welfare is one area we need to consider over this period it is time to bring the news to you, even though most people will not show any symptoms and be healthy we do not know with this secret killer who has the virus. A lot of talk about animals catching the disease, however this is more likely to be from human to human.

Saying this in Hong Kong they had confirmed a dog test positive although low level of the virus and was likely human to animal transmission, which means other people patting pets so keep your distance and if need to wash your dog down when you get back soapy water breaks down the fatty layer wash your hands and be safe.

A lot of pet owners are becoming increasingly concerned they could catch the deadly disease from their animals, Is this possible?

2nd April a Chinese study showed that cats are highly susceptible to coronavirus and it can easily be passed between them, only five cats were involved in the experiment.

In Belgium there was one isolated case when you consider how many human cases there are. There are no cases reported so far in the UK.

I understand fully how challenging this can be, I have fifteen cats and at times there is the odd disagreement, and of course your beloved furniture and belongings, cats normally are pretty good, and they are very clever when stepping around things.

Cats will become naughty when they cannot get what they want like FREEDOM, have scratch posts and items for them to play with.

If you keep trays clean and make sure they have plenty of water and food and give them attention, then the possibility of damage is limited.

However, what is important here is yours and your cat health, keep SAFE