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Don't Mess with Kitty has been improved constantly and hopefully bringing pleasure to those cat owners, we had some bugs to iron out after testing and going live we found people could not purchase from the site, however this has now been addressed.

Furthermore, we have now created a page where you can get our free download the Ebook has a lot informative information and is a good referral book to have.

We have been working on getting the information across on all social media platforms and you can now follow us on Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Pininterest and linked in.

We are looking to promote charities of your choice so email so we can support your chosen charities since they are doing a great job with helping our furry friends.

Coming soon is Getcatcrazy utube series packed with heaps of details so tune into getcatcrazy, we also have details in our blogs which you can also refer to.

Naturally we love to hear from you what is going on in your community and world so reach out to us, we have a chat line where you can also get answers so here to CATS.

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