Cat Clubs and Animal Clubs

Abyssinian Cat Club Fill in contact us 


Agria Breeder Club 

Website: Agriabreederclub

Applaws UK 

Website: Applawsbreederclub

Bast Cat Club

Website: Bastcatclub

Bengal Cat Association

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Website: Bengalcatassociation

Bernese Club

See contact page for details 

Website: Berneseclub

Bolognese Dog Club UK

Website: Bolognesedogclub

BSAVA Advice for Pet Owners 

Website: BSAVA

Cagaran Cats

Website: Cagarancats

Camddwr Canine

Website: Camddwrcanine

Canine Aqua Splash

Website: Canineaqusplash

Cat Cafe and Cat Rescue Centre

Website: catcafeandcatrescuecentre

Cat Virus

Website: catvirus

Chartreux Cat Club 

Website: Chartreuxcatclub

Cockapoo Owners Club 

Website: Cockapooownersclub

Colour Pointed British Shorthair Cat Club


Website: Colourpointedbritishshorthaircatclub

Come To Heal Dog Training Centre

Website: Cometohealdogtrainingcentre

Coventry and Leicester Cat Club 

See contact details 

Website: Coventryandleicestercatclub

CVS Group Plc

Website: CVSGroupplc

Dog Clubs and Organisatons Pet Directory

Website: Dogclubsandorganisationspetdirectory

Dog Club Hampshire 

Website: Dogclubhampshire

Dogs Country Club 

Website: Dogscountryclub

Dog Owners Guide Dog Clubs

Website: Dogownersguidedogclubs

Dogster Livestyle 

Website: Dogster

Drove Vetinary Hospital Cat Health Club

Website: Drovevetinaryhospitalcathealthclub

Dog World Kennel Club 

Website: Dogworldkennelclub

Enchanted Paws 


Website: Enchantedpaws


Exotic Cat Society

Website: exoticcatsociety

Feline Good Social Club 

Website: Felinegoodsocialclub

Felis Britannica 

Federation of Cat Clubs 

Website: Felisbritannica

Fun 4 All Dog Club 

Website: Fun4alldogclub

Gateway to Hell

Website: Gatewaytohell

Good Reads Cat Club

Help you keep in touch with the books you want to read 

Website: Thecatclubbyestheraverill

Gwynedd Cat Club 

Website: Gwyneddcatclub 

Kalven Cat Stretcher

Telephone: 01535 517330

Website: Kalven

Katzen World

Website: Katzenworld

Kids Pet Club 

Website; Kidspetclub

London Dog Association 

Website: Londondogassociation

Master Dog Breeders and Association 

Website: Masterdogbreedersandassociation

Messy Beast Club History

Website: Messybeast

Michicka animal advice 

Website: Michicka

My Pet Stop

Website: Mypetstop

My Siamese Cat - Fuloos

Website: mysiamesecat

National Pet Owners Associaton

Website: Nationalpetownersassociation

Nor East of Scotland Cat Club 

Website: Noreastofscotlandcatclub

Northern Siamese and Oriental Cat Society

Fill in form on site 

Website: Northernsiameseandorientalcatsociety

Oriental Cat Association Telephone: 01989 562838

Website: orientalcatassociation

Paws for Life Animal Rescue

Website: Pawsforlifeanimalrescue

Pedigree Cat Clubs

See on site phone numbers and emails
Pet Doctors 
Pet Dog Owners Group 
Pet Forums
Pet Health Club 

Pet Log 

Find your pet 

Website: Petlog

Pups Pet Club
Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club 
Rex Cat Club 
Riding Hood Pet Dog Agility Club 
Russian Blue Breeders Association
Shorthaired Cat Society
Siamese Cat Group 
Steam Community
Southern British Shorthair Cat Club 
Southern Western Counties Cat Club

Spirritz Maine Coons Clubs

See site for contact details

Website: Spirritzmainecoonsclubs

The Asian Cat Association

Website: Theasiancatassociation

The Bassett Hound owners Club 

Website: Thebassetthoundownersclub

The Bengal Cat Club 

The Birman Cat Club 
The Black and White Cat Club 
Contact Details on Get in Touch
The Bristol and District Cat Club 
The British Ragdoll Cat Club 
See committe page for
Contact Details
The British Shorthair Cat Club 
Telephone: ​01270 528258
Calls before 8pm ONLY please
The Burmese Cat Association

The Burmese Cat Club 

Fill in form to contact 

Website: Theburmesecatclub

The Burmese Cat Society 

Fill in form to contact 

Website: TheBurmeseCatSociety

The Cat Group 
See site for contact details 
The Cattery Club
The Company of Dogs 
The Dog Owners Club 
The Exotic Cat Club 
See site for contact details 
The Garden State Cat Club
See contact details
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy  
Telephone: 01278 427575   Email: 
The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Ireland
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The Healthy Pet Club
Telephone: 01379 658425  Email:
The International Cat Association
See site for contact details 
The Kennel Club 
The Kernow Cat Club
See contact Details 
The London Cat Club 
See contact page for details 
The Maine Coon Cat Club 
Telephone:  0114 2692306 
The Midshires Siamese Cat Assocation
The Newfoundland Club 
The Northern Birman Cat Club
The Ocicat Club 
The Old Style Siamese Club
See getting in Touch 

The Pet Owners Club

Website: Thepetownersclub

The Pet Professionals 
The Ragdoll Cat Association UK
The Rex Cat Club 

Telephone : 01843 843120 Email :

Website: rexcatclub

The Scottish Cat Club

See Contact us page 

Website: Thescottishcatclub

The Shorthair and All Breed Cat Club 

Phone: Miss S Davidson - 01592 593118 & Mrs C Ekanger 01334 850783

Website: Theshorthairandallbreedcatclub

The Siamese Cat Association 

Telephone:  01359 259652

Website: Thesiamesecatassociation

The Sphynx Cat Association

Email: Email:

Website: Thesphynxcatassociation

The Tradional Siamese Cat Association

Website: Thetradionalsiamesecatassociation

 The Viking Cat Club

See Club Committee for contact details 
The Wag Club 
The Well Heeled Dog Club
The West of Scotland Cat Club
Together for Animals
Tonkinese Breed Club 
See contact page
Top Cat Breeders 
Totally Coastal 
Tuxedo Cat 
Telephone: 01278 427575 Email:
VIP Club
White Persian Cat Club

Tel No : 01628483979 (Until 8pm)  Email :

 Website: Whitepersiancatclub

WoofnScruffs Dog Training Club

Website: Woofnscruffs

 World Cat Congress

Website: Worldcatcongress

Young Kennel Club

Website: Youngkennelclub

Yorkshire County Cat Club