About Us


Sally Gilson founder of Getcatcrazy -Crazy About Cats

An organisation that really cares giving you all the best choices and keeping you informed so why risk it.

Crazy about Cats, Saving Lives.

Many cats had been dumped in Staffordshire and would of died or suffered considerably, this is the reason for developing a site that offers people good sound advice and a way of looking after their pet.

Getcatcrazy has been developed to help cat owners in every way from sourcing good UK suppliers all in one area for the benefit of a cat owner.

These companies have been in this field for many years are specialist in cat health looking at the safest way  and most cost effective way of keeping our furry friend healthy and happy, cutting down on unnecessary expense keeping a perfect balance of nutrition nothing more nothing less.

Having the opportunity of sourcing the correct product from several well known suppliers with confidence on one site.

Check out our blogs and You Tube channels that will give you the information you need and of course keep updated.


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