2020 Getcatcrazy Newsletter

Sally Gilson took a step back and decided to learn more about social media getting qualified to have the skills to get cat owners to know about health benefits that can make a difference to cat owners.

Last year was very challenging especially since most of the time was keeping focused on the end goal to be able to have more time to spend on what really matters which is saving  cat lives and helping owners to have long and enjoyable time with their cat.

Of course, in these troubled times you cannot be to careful, I have fifteen cats because of the dumping of animals and unwanted pets, they all bring such great joy and are very individual giving comfort and pleasure in so many ways.

Unfortunately, recently I lost one of my cats who got run over, she was improving health wise since she had an eye with blotches a type of tumor called melanocytes which was reducing, may Socks rest in peace.

Just recently in Belgium the Mirror reports a cat became sick a week after the owner had contracted the virus showing same symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing difficulties this was picked up from testing the cat’s faeces.

Now around the world animals are really suffering people leaving them with food and drink for a couple of days left to starve to death some cats and dogs have been saved a lot have been killed because of the scare people can catch the virus from pets. The truth is the animal will more than likely catch the virus from humans not humans from pets.

Even though times are going to get tough all species deserve a chance and when majority of us come through this healthy and happy we will need our furry friends as much as they need us so look after them.

There is always a way, society has had difficulties in the past and come through it, this is another game of Chess, how to move your piece to survive and come out winning.