Why is play important to cats?

Cats enjoy being stimulated and this helps both mentally and physically this is a serious part of learning survival skills like stalking chasing and trapping prey. The instinct is very strong, and it is important for them to express their natural behaviour.

Provides exercise and maintains healthy weight with interactive play this helps with behaviour problems that can arise from boredom which bonds you and your pet and relief from stress.

It also helps with other cats interacting and builds the connections cats are very intelligent and when they are unsettled they become constructive like scratching at walls to get their owners attention.

This is also the reason to have scratch posts with toys this helps with sharpening claws and grooming instead of the loved furnishings.

Cats are very much like us they like interaction and attention therefore certain cat accessories are important for them since they are intelligent and will get up to as much mischief as possible.


This also helps with them being settled in their surroundings meaning they are more likely not to roam too far.



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