Why is it Important for Pets to have their Own Bed?

Cats, just like us, require comfort and a good sound sleep.  For cats to have good health, especially if they are ageing, they need to have somewhere they can call their own.

Cats will snooze anywhere although when it comes to having a good night’s sleep they need to know they are welcome and have a place of their own, also to have a fleece over the bed helps with keeping the bed clean and free from fleas etc.

What are the reasons? Cats like to be elevated giving them security and comfort as this helps them feel secure, and from time to time they like to have their own space and comfort to be able to play and keep healthy especially in those colder months as, like us humans, they can get arthritis and suffer from the cold.

Supplying a bed for your pet gives them the warmth they need so avoiding unnecessary muscle and bone problems (which could also mean avoiding vet expensive bills).

As cats get older their bodies tend to lose muscle tone, circulation or after an injury or illness they need support for recovery. If they are overweight this means more stress on their joints which can lead to arthritis. A bed can also help increase circulation which will reduce stiffness and pain and encourage healing. This provides a much better quality of life that all cats deserve. Also, a fleece blanket or bed is easy to clean, generally suitable for machine washing and in most cases dries quickly. Always read the instructions.

Today with so many types of beds and designs we are spoilt for choice and affordability.

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