Why Groom Your Cat?

No matter what type of cat you have grooming is essential for the well being and connecting with your cat. If your cat has long fur this is more important to brush your cat daily knotted fur can pull and hold parasites and be very uncomfortable creating complications.   

By brushing your cat, the distributes the natural oil which helps maintain skin and coat health addresses tangles helps you check for parasites such as fleas and ticks which allows you to check for skin abnormalities or ear problems and helps prevents fur balls.

Some of the problems that occur with neglect; Tangled and matted fur this can affect the temperament of the cat and the way the cat walks.  Matted around sensitive areas can result in tearing of the skin causing irritation and wounds.

Fleas can hide in the mats and make it difficult to find, at the rear of the cat can become encrusted with feces and / or dried urine which can result in a cat chew or tear at a mat causing pain and ripping the skin.

Grooming does not take long and can be enjoyable for cat and owner depending on the type of cat to how many times to groom.

Use brushes and combes suitable for cats, also shampooing a cat helps with soothing the skin and gets rid of loose fur and parasites leaving the cat relieved and clean.


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