Why Cleaning Cats Teeth is Important

Cats suffer gum disease in the same way humans do since like us they have food particles trapped and collecting along the gum line forming into plague. if the plaque with minerals in the saliva combine and forming tartar or calculus will attach to the tooth causing decay if this is not removed by cleaning the teeth this can cause not only loss of teeth and gum issues other complications can occur.

When bacteria and plaque is apparent the cat will grind their teeth, it will cause irritation and can result in gum inflammation (gingivitis) prior to this as an owner you will see nothing, if the calculus is not removed this can separate the gum from the teeth allowing even more bacteria to enter. This is called periodontal disease.

This can result in bacteria entering the bloodstream that could end up causing direct infection of the heart valves or disease to parts of the body like kidneys and liver.

If the cat needs to see a vet this could be very expensive if they need canal treatment which is common, or full extraction, signs could be increased drooling, pawing at the mouth, loss of appetite, nasal discharge if extreme, increased sensitivity around the mouth.

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