Why are Multivitamins Good for your Pet?

Just like us, our animals sometimes need extra vitamins and minerals to help keep healthy depending on the pet food you buy some will have more nutrient than others.

When trace minerals are deficient in food and water, the bodies defense systems cannot operate properly essential vitamins A and E helps with burning off fat and fights of disease these vitamins also contribute to eye and skin health, liver is a good source of vitamin A. B12 aids with growth and development. Calcium for bones and teeth, animals lacking proper amounts of copper, iron, selenium are more likely to develop diseases.

When animals are prescribed drugs like antibiotics this can kill off the good and bad germs since the medication rarely discriminate between good and bad leaving the bad germs to take over. Indeed, antibiotics are good for bacteria treatment.

Building up the immune system helps with keeping healthy.

Vitamins help to fortify the immune system controlling the bodies appropriation of minerals however if the body lacks vitamins and minerals this is when the body struggles to fight disease by supplementing their diet from time to time can help with making sure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals needed a lot of pet’s processed food is loaded with chemicals and artificial colours lacking in essential vitamins.

Vitamins come in two main groups fast soluble and water-soluble Vitamins A D E and K are fat soluble dissolved in fats. A for skin, Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth E for antioxidant and K is the blood clotting vitamin

Look for foods with no preservatives and artificial colours and good sound ingredients.

Most pet supplements lack vitamin C, dogs and cats and mammals produce their own vitamin C internally, however dogs and cats are minimal producers this plays a major role in building of collagen, the connective tissue that literally holds the body together.

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