Trimming Cat Claws

Cats need maintaining like ourselves, if they are in doors a lot then it is necessary to trim your cat’s claws, having scratching posts around the house helps with avoiding your prize possessions being destroyed.

So shortening them is important be careful to make sure this is not a painful procedure and do not clip above the quick they will bleed and this will hurt your cat greatly leaving a bad memory and make it difficult to maintain in future months.

If a cat’s claws are not trimmed on a regular basis they can curl in on themselves and grow into the foot pad, causing intense pain, untrimmed nails can also pose a hazard to people and furniture both of which can be injured by too long claws.

Just trimming the nails will not hurt them use a sharp trimmer like cat trimming scissors or human nail clippers with a sharp trimmer means you can trim while applying less pressure. When a cat squirms, it is because they do not enjoy being restrained or having someone grab their paws.

I have fifteen cats and did them on my own so what is the technique, you get your cat on your lap and comfortable sitting with their back against your tummy and if the cat is all over the place retrain them with a towel or old dressing gown rapped around their main body.

Press on their paws so the claw comes out trim only the edges take off the sharp bits of nail only, do not go near the pink part of the nail this is the quick and it will be a painful experience, and make sure you get the little side claw this will curl right under and can be difficult to get.

Work on the front paws first, once they are done then do the bottom feet only takes minutes, I find by doing this every couple of months this helps with the cats being more settled and happier since cats want to scratch fences and posts to keep their nails in order and in the winter months I keep them in especially around fire  works nights I know they are safe and sound.

My cats love their comforts and like me like to be warm and cosy and have their favourite spots with all cats being done there is less chance off injury.

So trim away carefully, not causing pain.

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