Stress in Cats  

I have several cats and one of the areas I need to deal with is stress and how to recognise the signs, people are noticing unfavourable behaviour with their cat or kitten, cats are very sensitive and needy creatures. 

If you notice your cat has a change in behaviour like over grooming, loss of appetite, scratching, or disputing with other cats, peeing outside of the litter box, or hiding are signs.  

I had a lodger who brought her pet with her the first night she pees on the bed, because this was unusual surroundings, and the cat was scared this was a way of showing she was not happy.  When there is a change in the household like another person staying or anger in the house cats will pick up on unhappy situations and will let you know by peeing outside of the box or furniture or scratching.  

People think their cat is lonely and needs a friend this can cause stress, when introducing another animal, the present cats need to smell them and get used to them before accepting them especially if one cat is dominant this can cause fights and can be challenging in controlling unwanted behaviour in cats.  

Cats are territorial, so there must be care taken when you have more than one cat, cats talk to us to tell us something is wrong like peeing in the bathtub or meowing a lot, if they are not well then this will cause stress.  

If a cat is scared or feels pushed away, they will hide and may not eat because they are unhappy. 

If there is building work going on and they had a bad experience with men, they can act strangely because cats do not forget a bad experience and it is their way are trying to tell you something. 

Changing feeding times or food can cause unfavourable actions, as can fireworks. I remember one of my cats frozen in the area he was under the parked car which took a while to coax him to me. 

Cats need comfort and reassuring they are just like having children, which means we need to get to know our pets and have patience. 

Change in routine and visit to the vets can cause stress. 

Giving cats attention and showing them you care always goes a long way, most issues with cats can be dealt with fairly quickly. 

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