Princess and Toilet Issues

I have just read an article about cats peeing and messing in the house, kill your cat is what experts said.

I have several cats not necessary by choice, these animals were not wanted and were dumped and for a cat that is not loved and wanted the life and misery that follows are extreme just like unwanted children.

Cats have feelings and emotions, Princess was not wanted because of a loved puppy coming into the household and was given to people that did not care and did not want her, unfortunately Princess suffers with a single flea and comes out in soars very quickly.

I struggled with her she was persistent in pooing on the carpet and would not use the tray if I showed my anger she did it more, I confined her with the tray and she would use it then would convert back to old habits.

I would put her in the tray and change the litter and this did not work, I had people here and I felt stress it was not working, when they left she did not do this as much the other cat started using the tray, so I tried paper this seemed to have done the trick.

There are several types of litter on the market the cheaper ones I found turn to clunky mud and this affects their paws and is very heavy when wet. The pellets ended up over the home and some of the cats did not like them. The more expensive ones with odour free seem to work okay although the trays that are plastic and do smell after a while, to combat this you need to clean with toilet cleaner which gets rid of the pee smell leaving them fresh and clean cats will not use dirty trays.

What is in Normal Cat Urine?

Normal feline urine is made of the following components:

.05% Ammonia
.18% Sulphate
.12% Phosphate
.6% Chloride
.1% Sodium
.1% Creatinine
.003% Uric Acid
2% Urea
95% water

 Cats need to feel loved and have harmony; if for any reason they have any health issues this is when they pee and wee where they shouldn’t this is their way of telling you they are not well.

The reasons cats do not use trays are as follows:

Unclean trays




Change in circumstances

Feeling picked on by other animals

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