Positioning of Litter Trays

A cat is part of the family and it is difficult in winter when it is cold and your cat is inside most of the time, a cat will want to be close to their owner there was mention of putting a tray in the basement, now think about this, would you want to go out in the cold to the toilet probably not, the likely hood of the cat using the tray is very slim.

Place trays in hallway or far end of the room if you are like me and have several cats you will need a few, the most important thing is to keep them clean and change regularly a cat will not want to use a dirty tray and will go on the floor near by or somewhere in the room.

Wherever there is poo or cat pee you will smell it, what is important is to clean it up as soon as, the good thing is, you know you must find it and dispose of it, if you use cat litter that is too hard on the paws this will also smell much more and cause clumping and will discourage your cat to go.

Toilet cleaner is good to clean trays and will dispose odour and help to keep them clean if you do this once a week, I use antiseptic soap as well which kills bacteria and cleans them as you go, this way you are not jeopardising your health or your cat’s health.

In my case, I have one far end of the bedroom, loungeroom and hallway I also have air fresheners around the house, once the trays are cleaned the house is fresh and the cats are happy.

Have lemongrass, lemon juice in house this will kill smells germs and get rid of odour, also to vacuum and clean carpets regularly the pink stain remover also works, there are pet odour solutions on the market you can use.

Positioning of trays and left in the same spot is important so you keep a fresh home, keeping you and your pet healthy and a fresh home, if you are able have a cat flap then the cat will go outside and come in.


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