My First Cat – What should I Ask?

When you are ready to have your first pet, make sure you really do want them and have some time for them, they are with you for a long time, in 1967 a cat was recorded to live for 38 years and three days, so this is a lifetime commitment, they have feelings and needs. 

Often enough you get a feeling for the right one, the more you know about the pet, the more it can help you, do they have any special needs, are they fussy eaters? Do they have any allergies or been ill-treated in any way? Have they been chipped and neutered and had their vaccinations?  

Over a very short period, you will get to know your pet and what they like, they can be challenging to avoid mishaps, cats of certain breeds can be temperamental and very clever, the cat owns you.  Making sure they have their bedding, toys and scratch posts are important especially if you are house proud. 

Cats need brushing and to maintain their teeth, the better looked after your furry friend is the less the cat should cost you in vet bills, also knowing what to do can help after all they are your children and will from time to time need your attention. 

The main health issues with pets are normally flea and worms so this is important to try and keep on top of this, often loss of fur will be a flea allergy, only visiting the vet when you really need to, other wise you will find this very expensive. 

I have fourteen cats because people did not want them or dumped them they suffered until they were given a chance, this just happened I never planned it, this is the reason I set up because I realised pet owners needed to know what to do. 

When you have your pet enjoy them, they will give you a lot of pleasure and you will learn a lot, they are very similar to us humans most herbs and remedies that are good for your cat is also good for you. 

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