Mental Well Being in Cats

Cats are very sensitive creatures just like humans they pick up on tension and stress in the household and will act a cat that feels tension will often become naughty will scratch your priced belongings or not use the tray.

If there is a change in the household they may become stress and lose their fur or even stop eating and shy away cats show their emotions in different ways they may become very distant a cat will only accept attention on their terms.

Sometimes when food is changed a cat may not like what they are given which can cause unhappiness and will starve and have skin conditions, to keep a cat happy you have to take into consideration they are part of the family as a living breathing soul, they want to be loved and have attention, their needs are like ours, good food and a variety, cats can get bored it is important  fresh water is available and not tap water unless boiled this can cause health issues.

Cats need stimulation they want attention and will play happily, cats can get lonely and this will cause unfavourable behaviour, cats need their own space, if your cat is losing fur this can also be caused from fleas , worms and parasite’s  so dress this issue straight away.

When cats are stressed this can cause health issues so it is important to try and eliminate any issues or changes to help have a stable and happy life from time to time cats may need some oils, vitamins and herbs to help keep them happy and healthy.

Cats can suffer from anxiety and depression like ourselves this can be from feeling ill, or a change in the household, or pressures within the home, unlike a dog if a cat is very unhappy they may seek somewhere else to live they could put their own life at risk by running out in front of oncoming traffic.

A cat wants to belong and feel needed they need harmony in their life so relaxing music and a settled lifestyle can help in a big way.

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