Living with Cats

Most cat people probably did not start off living with cats, they found themselves taking on a pet or felt they where missing something in their life.

My intentions were not to have any animals it just happened, however I must say the love and joy they bring, they do fill your heart with joy.

I realised very quickly that I did not own a cat, I was owned by them and without me knowing it they controlled me and ruled the house, the car, the garden, I paid the bills and provided the necessaries.

They want to be close to me and want my attention with sixteen cats this can be challenging although you get to know when attention is needed and those that want my company every now and then.

Keeping trays clean and around the home keeping them separate has been key, also with the aggressive cats that do not like other cats keeping them separate most of the time has kept harmony in the home and stopped the stress levels.

I made the big mistake of giving them tap water, this has chlorine, metals and impurities in that not only kill wild birds, it also upsets their stomachs which lead to diarrhoea and vomiting, bottle water is the best and from introducing this has resulted in less health problems.

Knowing what to do and understand my animals has lead to a new learning curve which I have enjoyed passing this on since this has improved other cat’s lives.

Also with so many, their food has to be varied this has resulted in a mix of dry food and fresh meats and cat food all gets eaten and having several bowls spread out this helps with any aggressive cats, I have found cats are very much like us, some want to eat at different times and are not always ready when others are so keeping the supply for them so no one misses out.

This stops aggression and fights at meal times and at night of course I get plenty of affection and thank you, one thing I have learnt is you get make much more in appreciation with animals they know who looks after them and love you for it.

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