How to Choose the Correct Carrier?

A carrier should be strong and sturdy and easy for you to get your cat in and out when you put bedding in they should be able to stand up and turn around and have enough room to spread out, this is important not only for comfort but also to avoid any stress or cramp their body.

Should be easy to clean and the cat should be able to see out with ease, also consider weight since when the cat is inside this will add to carrying the cat.

Should be secure and have strong clips to fasten this is important especially when travelling or taking a cat from A to B.

Easy access from the front of the carrier and be able to put cat in and out from the top of the carrier, consider your cats feelings put familiar bedding treats and toys and get her used to the carrier before she must travel.

It is important that your cat is at ease since cats can feel threatened when this happens they will wet themselves through fear.


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