How do Cats Communicate and Think?

Must say cats are smarter than the average bear, cats are very close to humans in many ways when you live with cats you soon realise they are as unique and have personalities that reflect this.

If you know a little bit about a cats history you will soon find that they remember a lot of the past and pick up emotions very quickly, cats behaviour is normally as a result of the environment they live in unlike a dog a cat will roam and go to where they feel happy sometimes they will disappear and explore after all they are from wild consent.

Cats have feelings and anxieties just like us humans and feel fear in the same way, they may not communicate to us the way we do they often communicate by touch and rubbing against the person or another animal.

Cats will show disapproval with the odd swipe and small growl to get their point across, they are very intelligent and observation skills are very apparent.

Cats communicate with murmurs, high pitch meowing, meow, or through touch.

They understand our communication very well and can carry out an instruction, depending on the breed, colour etc they can be very mischievous and can work out how to open packages and get what they want, for example I had a Christmas present they opened the box, wrapping and contents and ate part of it by the time I got home.

They are clever they can open doors and windows the pure breeds show higher intelligence, they are opportunist with excellent smell and hearing they can pounce on their prey quickly or pinch that packet of meat without you knowing.

They can sum up a person in no time and know who to go to and who to annoy.

They can take in images and remember things, never underestimate  a cat you can be easily fooled.

Cats mainly want to belong and know they are loved this is very important to them.


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