Herbs and Pets

Herbs have been around for thousands of years it is said one of the earliest records of animals being treated with herbs was in the Ayurvedic Nakul Samhita a treatise written between 4500 and 1600 BCE.

With many years of development natural medicine is being used for asthma, arthritis, eczema, constipation, gingivitis etc can help with several conditions in cats and help with well being.

Cats have been known to retain their natural instincts to self-medicate when they are feeling unwell like eating grass to bring up hair balls.

 Cats can be tricky to medicate they are very sensitive to smell and taste normally glycerine-based tinctures will be more palatable in herbal tablets or capsules containing dried powdered herbs or freeze-dried extracts always follow dosage recommended.

For instance, when a cat has a poor appetite and is suffering from digestive ailments caraway, nettle and dill are effective in treating stomach disorders. Especially good for colic, gas and cramps, and burdock can be used as a laxative.

 Goldenseal has many uses in both topical and oral forms good for treating viruses and immunity issues ease diarrhoea and improve the immune system, when used externally is effective for minor lesions and has been used to treat eye conditions.

Cranberry is a well known natural treatment for urinary tract conditions.

Parsley and red clover are both good for discouraging tumour growth also useful for cancer treatment, parsley is also effective for swollen glands, indigestion, asthma and coughs as well as lung, stomach, bladder and kidney conditions.

Sage and various herbs if a cat nibbles on them they will usually be fine and can help although if they eat a lot then they can suffer with stomach problems and diarrhoea there has been intensive research  done on herbs and the safest way for use a well-known brand and recommended source for animals is the best way to be sure,  since the dosage is correct and is labelled for the cause it is meant for to keep a happy healthy cat.

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