Fish and Cats

A cat benefits from varied diet, the odd treat of steamed or poached fish can benefit your cat, with technology today cat treats are carefully done to help balance your cats diet this is done by extracting the best nutrients from the fish adding them to the cat’s food from all types of fish if you were to isolate just one super nutrient it would be fish oil.

Fish is a great source of protein, which means pound to pound it supplies a good amount of protein, it has the right amino acids the components of protein in the ratio needed.

Negative side is with some kinds of fish it can also destroy certain vitamins, so this can be a bit of science.

Studies that scientist have published is the benefits of fish oils are astounding helps with cats having good eyesight and helps with stiff joints and the brain.

The question of balance in the body with respect to these special kinds of fatty acids there are two broad types called omega 6 and omega 3 which is found in particularly oily fish.

Most commercially available fish oils are derived from cold water fish, primarily menhaden salmon and trout. They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Be aware that your cat requires a varied diet too much is not good for your cat’s health. 

Some interesting facts about fish oil it has the ability to inhibit tumour growth, DHA shrinks tumours by promoting cell differentiation. And with cancer cells differentiate or age their lifespans become predetermined and limits are placed on how many more times an individual cell can divide also helps with coronary artery disease as shown in many studies.

Another factor is diabetes mellitus responds well prevents the decreases in nerve conduction velocity and nerve blood flow associated with this nerve disease of diabetes.

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