Feral Cats

Cats are one animal that is being a main discussion around the world especially in Australia were they want to erratic all cats on certain islands because they kill of the wild life from reptiles to small mammals and birds, lets face it they are great hunters, so how did this get so out of hand and according to the farmers they carry two diseases Toxoplasmosis one of the worlds most common parasites, infection usually occurs by eating undercooked contaminated meat, from cat faeces this can affect small mammals and sheep with them losing their pregnancies.

The other is sarcocystis which form cyst in the sheep, a lot of cats are being destroyed and, in some countries, only two cats per house hold, the issue a lot of birds and small animals are becoming distinct.

In most countries there is no real control, people can let cats breed dump them and let kittens breed, a feral cat will have no contact with humans and learn at an early age. Cats in this environment are subject to feline aids which can spread quickly through saliva. They are most animals’ enemy where a stray will have had some contact from being lost or dumped left to defend for themselves.

As a pet they are the easiest to care for little attention and give a lot of love they are usually playful and easy going. Cats need plenty of protein and do need worming and flea treatment from time to time as well as brushing and cleaning their teeth and are great company and give comfort to those on their own.

An animal that is not cared for has a very hard existence and often suffers from cold conditions frost bite and struggle in the wild, this is why I believe there should be strict rules on breeding and help for people with pets in todays world this has become an expensive business and the welfare of cats not necessary considered.

When you consider the problems with diseases from unwanted kittens, killing them for meat and fur trade the health issues to humans and other animals are great.

In human society over the past 10,000 years ancient felines hunted crop destroying rats and mice for early farmers, and in return we provided food and protection now a days they become lap sitters and looked after by few.

A unloved cat has a hard time and unfortunately just like people there is too many and is now a real problem which I believe is because of human intervention which a lot of wild life is now suffering and some will be distinct for ever, with the imbalance we could be facing a real crisis not only disease to man.




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