Do Cats Prey and Eat Smaller Mammals

Cats are like lions and tigers, they have very similar traits and for survival cats will kill any mammal that is smaller than themselves, cats still have the same survival instinct as they do before they were domestic cats. The most common prey are small birds, mice rats, rabbits, consumed gives them their daily energy requirements throughout a 24-hour period from the food their prey eats. Today a lot kill just for the sport since normally there is enough food to obtain a healthy diet.

Although cats left to their devices from being discarded will also live of bread scraps anything they can get to survive and when homed will continue to want to eat such foods.

Cats can become easily bored of animals they cannot play with or harass; even wild cats will rarely hunt or attack or eat hedgehogs. Hedgehogs keep to themselves cats are less of a threat and usually will leave alone after investigating them.

All cats love to hunt, they do not always kill their prey although because their saliva is poisonous most small mammals will die within 24 hours of being attacked in any way.

Kittens learn to hunt from their mother, hunting is a great skill which needs to be learned first, whish is taught also through play. Most mammals learn lifetime skills through play and having fun.

In some countries because of cats being left they have found a way to survive and can breed very rapidly killing off many species which around the world many species are dying out completely, this is why it is so important to make sure cats are neutered for their own health reasons as well, in England many people have a lot of cats because we are passionate about our animals and do not want to see any animal suffer so a few pick up from the inconsiderate or unfortunate people.

In certain countries they are poisoning cats to save their wildlife although some of the wildlife will also die a long painful death, when there is too many, they can sometimes affect farm life with diseases.

Cats should have a good quality of life and deserve to be loved and cared for the ones that are, in fact are very lucky others suffer at the hands of fate.

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