Cod Liver Oil for Cats Yes or No?

Cats systems are not the same as ours with a balanced diet of excellent quality food they normally get most of the nutrients they need.

However, from time to time for the condition of their skin and coat, healthy bones and teeth, joint and heart health the essential fatty acids, with vitamins A & D which provides EPA and DHA have a role in maintaining health can help with cholesterol levels, blood pressure linked to cardiovascular health.

Always seek advice especially if your pet is pregnant or lactating or any condition like diabetes or hypoglycaemia not suitable for puppies or kittens, helps with cats that are getting older.

With products for cats they are made from best fish oil and are purified to remove heavy metals and other contaminants.

Where this can become dangerous for cats with the cheaper products that are designed for human consumption predatory cold-water fish like salmon and tuna which is at the top of the food chain can contain contaminants which become concentrated in their fat. Farmed fish such as salmon are fed a cocktail of chemicals, pesticides, dyes, antibiotics and live in crowded conditions in polluted water. Some of these can contain sunflower or safflower oils or even worse, GMO soybean oil.

Omega3 are easily oxidized made from rancid with exposure of light, heat, air and moisture they naturally degrade over time and are not only lacking in beneficial properties they are dangerous to consume they contain large amount of inflammation causing free radicals and are known to destroy fat soluble vitamins.

Safest way is to use products that are tested and are from a known quality supplier for pets.

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