Cats and Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for cats is a sure way of your cat having comfort and a good long sleep, cats love to climb inside bags and enjoy being under covers, the warmth and security gives them peace of mind helping them to be healthier especially in those cold months or if you are holidaying and taking your pet with you.

Just like us humans when a cat is comfortable and well rested they have better health and can also help with avoiding diabetic diseases, they recover better from any injury or pain and sleep aids with healing.

Lower risk of injury like not thinking properly and running out in front of a car or being serious injured by-passing bikes, dogs, etc being able to keep clear of danger more readily.

Cats will be in better mood and more chilled and relaxed they eat properly and helps with behavioural problems they think more clearer and are more playful.

Better memory helps them with remembering what the important things for cats are like coming home to be safe and getting their food when it is fresh.

Immune system is much better avoiding colds and flues not to mention the comfort and softness next to their body reminding them of the security of their mother as a kitten.


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