Benefits of Scratching Posts

So, you are a mummy or daddy of a wonderful kitten or cat and love your home no doubt your new arrival will want to sharpen her claws so there are some areas to consider.

First, health is so important, scratching posts are fantastic for maintaining good claw shape and health of their claws using up their energy, this also helps protect your investment furniture and furnishings.

When you play with your cat or have many cats scratch post is a good way of the animals bonding together and having a better connection with yourself.

What are the benefits?

Cats scratch for many reasons, this helps with stretch the muscles in their legs, back, shoulders, and paws. Their claws are sharpened this rubs the old outer layers of claw that have become rough and blunt. With cats’ claws are made up of layers which has scent glands in their paws, also this helps with communicating with other cats which cats can smell although humans cannot.  A cat will scratch to maintain muscle tone and to keep their claws sharp therefore protecting wooden furniture.

This is the reason declaw a cat is so gruel they cannot grab and play with things also it effects other areas of the paw not to mention the unnecessary pain reflected.

Also, a cat from time to time will have to protect themselves with saliva and cat scratched this can be dangerous especially if a stray has been affected with aids etc, this will affect your cat they need to be able to protect themselves.

Enjoy your cat they can be your best friend.


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