Back Legs Giving Way on my Cat  

I have seen a few people concerned about this, a black cat which I called Lucky was dumped and his back legs were giving way when we managed to catch him. Within a week or so he was back to good health.  

The most common cause of rear limb paralysis in cats is a blood clot that goes to the back leg, which is called saddle thrombus or arterial thromboembolism, this clot blocks blood flow to the affected limbs, a clot in the back leg suddenly causes the cat to be unable to put full weight on the affected leg.  

Sometimes the cat will walk normally then suddenly the back legs will give way, sometimes cats can become constipated and may need some help with herbal treatment for animals which when addressed will start eating properly again. Vets will tend to do blood test and may suggest a neurologist which can be costly. 

What happens when a blood clot lodges at the base of the aorta just as it branches into two distinct arteries obstructs the blood flow to the hind limbs is known as saddle-like shape it roughly resembles once it takes up residence in this location. The pooled blood can form a clot inside the heart which can then break off spontaneously and travel down towards the legs, carried along by the flow of blood, this can happen with no warning, the cats are in tremendous pain and become instantly paralyzed. 

If this happens the cat can appear paralyzed and both or one legs become useless and even noticeably cold, the cat will hyperventilate and cry out with extreme pain, circulation can be restored, blood thinners will be needed.  5% of cats will have tissue damage appearing as an open wound. 

I put Lucky on carnitine tablets and in no time he had improved.  Within a couple of weeks he is walking normally and eating well, he has now filled out and is a perfectly healthy male cat.

Some herb treatments that can help.

Turmeric. The active compound present in turmeric known as curcumin works on the blood platelets to prevent clots. ... 

Garlic Cayenne Arjun ki Chhaal Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds. 

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