Animals and Fireworks

Just recently I have noticed on the news a lot of animals being victim to fireworks, over this period of time I keep my cats in and make sure they are safe I am often home so they know they are safe, although a lot of dogs and cats with the large bangs are terrified, one of my cats was outside years ago and they were frozen in one spot under the car which I had to pull out and bring inside.

If you are going out and have pets close the curtains and put on some relaxing music and make sure they are warm if you can give them love and pats and reassure them, with birds especially aviaries cover them over the bright lights and bangs have been known to kill them, horses in stables and out of harm’s way.

These animals need us especially at this time, do not let your rabbit or pet become victim, it is sad when such pain and severe injury happens to our beloved pets so avoiding it by being attentive and protective is the best way.

Walk your dogs in the day and make sure you are not out and about when it is getting dark, a sudden jolt could injure you and your pet, having pets inside where they are safe, animals can get anxious there are some products that can calm pets.

Although providing a calm and relaxing environment is the first step with a comfortable bed or bedding, they feel secure in.

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