All About Your Cats Whiskers

Whiskers are known as vibrissae and tactile hairs they have several functions and are highly sensitive they are thicker than normal hair they are really touch receptors that are rooted more deeply than normal hairs and are rich in nerve endings and feelings.

Whiskers have many functions like navigation and are sensitive they aid a cat and can detect changes in air currents they help a cat navigate in dark environment this helps them feel for objects avoiding walking into things also helps them detect prey like mice and birds.

Cats can slide through small openings because their whiskers are about the same as the cat’s body width if they can poke their head through then their body should fit, with a fat cat this can be inaccurate. On the muzzle there are four rows of whiskers on each side. The top two rows can move independently from the bottom two rows.

Whiskers are the cats eye protection help them when hunting in grass or busy areas they trigger a protective eye blink if there is a branch or some brush that might get in the way.

It is normal for a cat to lose whiskers like cat fur feline whiskers continuously grow, fall out and get replaced with new ones all cats possess 12 whiskers on each side for a total of 24 technically called vibrissae the whiskers are very sensitive and can do everything from gauging wind direction detecting movement under extreme low light conditions, helping them focus on their target.

Never put your cat at risk by cutting very sensitive whiskers this are to protect the cat and give them balance.

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